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බස්නාහිර පළාත්බද මාර්ග සංවර්ධන අධිකාරිය

மேல் மாகாண வீதி அபிவிருத்தி அதிகார

Message of Hon. western provincial Minister of roads.

It is a pleasure to issue a greeting message as the western provincial ministry of roads for the website of the western provincial council road development authority of which was assigned the extended role to develop, improve and maintain a road system of approximately 2000km of the western provincial council. 

Western provincial council road development authority has added to the history as the first authority established in Sri Lanka through the western provincial council road development authority Charter No: 04 of 1989 of which was the first charter passed by a provincial council.

In the beginning, the staff of the authority consisted of several officers who absorbed by the central government road development authority and several officers who attached from the government combined service and currently, the authority consists of 338 permanent officers for itself and through this, it  indicates the extended role fulfilled by the authority.

Even though, it was contributed to the public service by maintaining and developing approximately 770 roads that extend over the 03 populous district such as Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara of the western province, the authority is unable to make aware the public fulfilled for the public services or give a publicity on this.

It was a basic issue that was faced by the public institutes and, through this, it has been avoided the chance that obtain the peoples’ attraction and indicates institutional values to the public.

It can be introduced as a good attempt, method and technical approach that was taken steps by the provincial road development authority to create a website only for their authority to release from this problematic situation and it is especial that from this, it can be collected the information and data on the authority and used as a tool to know the information.

It was the reason to improve this authority for having necessary machineries and vehicles and a qualified human resource to fulfill any construction binding with development proses as targeted manner.

Actions have been taken by the authority to extend the economic and social background of the staff by implementing various welfare programmes for them by the authority and improve the employees’ satisfaction and efficiency.

Accordingly, as the minister in charge of the subject, I appreciate the especial services contribution of the provincial road development authority to meet peoples’ expectation of the western province and the measures that were taken for the security and motivation off its staff.

Ministry of road development (western province)

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