Western Province Provincial Road Development Authority

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Message of the General Manager of the Authority

As the Chairman of the western provincial council road development authority, I consider that it is my duty and responsibility to present a summary report of the role of the authority for the website created for the authority, the mission fulfilled and the employee’s’ satisfaction on behalf of western provincial council road development authority.

This authority, established under the western provincial council road development authority Charter No: 04 of 1989, is implemented under the Ministry of the subject of provincial council roads and by now it consists of 17 offices under the guidance of head office. Those offices is categorized as 10 executive engineer office, 02 mechanical engineer yards, 02 research laboratories, 02 asphalt factories and 01 concrete factory within the electorate divisions over 03 district, Colombo, Gampaha and  Kalutara of the western province.

02 mechanical engineer offices has been established under the full supervision of two qualified  mechanical engineers in the areas of Asgiriya and Moragahahena to repair the vehicles and machineries of the authority as we as the western provincial council. Since the construction projects have to be fulfilled as durable and standard manner, it is essential to complete the project with best quality control. For this, the authority maintains 02 research laboratories and it is inspected the raw material test, the way that implements projects and its standards. The main aim of this is to hand down a qualitative road system to the public and obtain an effective outputs that is equal to inputs.

The approval of the management services department should be obtained for the required staff and cadre to maintain the services of the authority and it should be acted according to the approved scheme of recruitments for the recruitments of employees. An additions to 338 permanent cadre, a cadre with approximately 200 contract staff and approximately 350 assistant staff for implementing balance projects.

It is mentioned that this authority has taken step to implement many effective services for the people wellbeing by fulfilling whole process from preparing project estimates to making relevant payments and maintaining project supervision and quality control and strengthen their economic and social stability by fulfilling various development projects.

Accordingly, we have determined to implement all available measures to institute the services of the authority as an efficient and effective service further without any barriers, I take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to the staff of the authority for their efficient services and the ministry and that minister of the subject for their guidance.

R.M.S. Bandaranayke
General Manager
Western Provincial Council Road Development Authority

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