Western Province Provincial Road Development Authority

බස්නාහිර පළාත්බද මාර්ග සංවර්ධන අධිකාරිය

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Message of the Chairman of the Authority

As Chairman of the Western provincial council road development authority, I extent my greetings to all the staff of the authority and all our service beneficiaries for its website.

This authority, claimed a reputation as an institute that helps for an especial role of the western provincial, engages in a prominent task in the subject of infrastructure facilities.

Since all the infrastructure facilities extend over a main road, the priority is often given for the development of roads. The western provincial council owns the grade “C” and “D” roads of the western provincial and at the time of establishing the provincial council, it was a prime to take actions for repairing that road system to get rid of the existing broken down condition.

Many provincial councils have given the help for this proses through the making department and this authority was established through the first Charter passed by a provincial council by taking actions to establish an authority allocated only for the western provincial council.

Out of one person of the director board with seven persons bears the Chairmanship of the authority and that appointment is made by the Minister in charge of the subject.

The approval of the management services department should be obtained for the staff necessary to maintain the services of the authority and under that approval, a permanent staff of 338 is engaging in the service of the authority.

Roads maintenance proses is only done directly by the authority and for this, the provisions are allocated through the annual budget by the Western provincial council. The provisions will be given by the central government and the provincial council for all the development projects and the authority has gained a reputation by taking steps by the authority to fulfill all these tasks with the targets and good quality control.

As an authority engaged in a public mission, the authority has the resource including qualified staff, machineries and vehicles to give such a performance and it is easy to provide services.

It would have been made timely the creation of a website to make aware the public services fulfilled by the authority and it is extremely pleasure to provide a little from such information.

Provincial Road Development Authority (W.P.)

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